Duke Forest FACE - CO2 and Weather Data

The FACE data provided on this site are freely available and were furnished by individual FACE scientists who encourage their use. Please inform Ram Oren (Principal Investigator, Duke Forest FACE) of how you are using these data and of any publication plans.

Gap-filled Weather Data

Please Note: these data were revised and updated on 7/26/09.

All files have 30-minute averaged or summed (as appropriate for the variable) data. Date and time stamps are recorded at the beginning of each line where: JDT is Julian day (".csv" file) + decimal time. JD1 = Jan 1, 1990. Please note that these data were intially released 12-21-08.

Air Temperature

1997-2003 (rings 1-8)
2004-2008 (rings 1-6)


Radiation and Wind

Relative Humidity

Saturated Vapor Pressure

Vapor Pressure Deficit

Gap-filled CO2 Data

1993-1996 (modelled)

Duke FACE Engineering Data

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) maintains a read-only, anonymous FTP site containing quality assured system performance and environmental data (including CO2 data) collected by the Brookhaven FACE team. The files are arranged by year and include one minute readings in Microsoft Access database format, and half-hourly and hourly averaged readings in comma-delimited text format.

Duke Forest FACE Operations FTP site